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Fluxion is an experiment. The word “fluxion” was coined by Isaac Newton and means: the rate of continous
change within variable quantities. Fluxion the project, is a cooperative project devoted to the sharing of personal
expressions in any printable form, i.e. essays, fiction, poetry, collage, drawings, and photography.
Our goal is to initiate dialogue and expand perspectives and understanding. We hope for eventual national
publication, either in print or online. We are interested in what you have to say from your most integral self, real
world experiences, thoughts, feelings and burning desires. The preferred voice is completely raw, the more down and
dirty and honest, the better. I dare you.
If you've ever wondered about writing, give it a shot- you may get a hit of enthusiasm and it may be infec-
tious. We want a forum for mutual support or feedback. This is an on-going, free form and currently deadline-free
project. Anything submitted will be printed in full, no editorial cutting will be done. We encourage work in progress.
Mark Harvey
Almost two years ago, I found myself moving to the last city on Earth I considered habitable - the city about
which every single person in San Francisco had shaken his/her head and warned knowingly, "You'll regret it." - lus-
trous Los Angeles. A mixed bag of circumstances brought me here - believe it or not, I actually escaped to this irony-
laden City of Angels. And, hey - I kinda like it . . . for now. It's . . . it's big! Seemingly endless and full of infinite
possibilities. If I hear one more Los Angeleno whine enviously, "But why would you wanna move here from San
Francisco?", I'll throw up my hands and scream, "Why don't you just acquire some balls and move there if you think
it's so great! Go! - to the nihilistic pit and pay near New York City rents, find yourself on welfare, become a junkie,
endure cold, wet, penetrating year-round fog and wind! Take your MFA and be snubbed out of every job interview
by people younger and hipper than yourself! Let these people tell you you haven't the experience for even retail
work! Meanwhile, with the aid of a breathing apparatus, if necessary, I'll stay here and enjoy the year round
warmth and sun of Los Angeles without your envious, pitiful whining and lack of hometown pride!"
Coincidentally, Mark moved here shortly after I did and another friend, Maureen, had already migrat-
ed from the North, so I've had good old pals to hang with while sifting through the layers of strangeness.
Mark and I had both undergone immense changes in the last couple of years and we realized that several
other of our creative friends were in a similar state of flux. Thus, we identified the need for a creative outlet
that's completely NO HOLDS BARRED.
What is Fluxion? It's your astrological Saturn Return. It's your 30th birthday. It's moving to a strange
city again. It's buying a $750 car. It's realizing you will never ever be able to repay your student loan. It’s
rationalizing this with the statement that you wouldn’t pay it back if you could, because you don’t believe one
should have to pay for education! It's another infatuation sadly slipped through the fingers, or perhaps, it's the
afterglow of true sex! It's whatever you are experiencing - good, bad or ugly. It's the one thing you can count
on - CHANGE! So, can ya spare any? Ideally, we'd like to have a forum for positive feedback, being careful
not to smother any creative seedlings. We may well require your submission (hee, hee, hee) for you to receive
future copies of Fluxion. So, procrastinate no further - send something, both comments and your personal works
of visual or written art, finished or not.
Nelda Street