Wild imagination

A guilty pleasure of mine recently has been watching Ghost Hunters on Syfy.

I know there are a number of these kind of shows on right now, most of which are ridiculous, but I think GH is of a better cut. It’s mostly effect anyway, they usually dont find much. Some eeire audio, bumps, occasionally something genuinely strange. Is it real?
I’m sure it could all be faked, but I don’t care much, because it’s the idea that more interesting to me. As for fantastic occurrences, unless I experience it myself I’m not going to believe or deny anyone elses experience.

I ran across a couple interesting articles about myths and legends, one of which articulated:

“Science deals with many entities that have never been observed directly. No one has seen a black hole. No one has seen a boson. These things are known by their effects, by the traces that they leave: by bending light, by tracks left in particle detectors.”

The map is virtually closed, there are no more unexplored places in the world, yet we as humans still need spaces to explore…

So maybe it’s paranormal activity…
or supposedly extinct beasts
or ones invented entirely by someone’s imagination
In the end whether they are real or not is irrelevant, we are satisfied by the journey in of itself.