The new Forage restaurant on Sunset in Silver Lake.
I love the idea of this new place!
The LA Times explains:

“Central to the restaurant’s concept is its “foraging program,” through which Bacon and Kim, along with the help of a friend named Eugene Ahn, encourage diners to bring in fresh fruits and vegetables from their gardens. Then, Kim and Bacon will create a dish, pastry or drink around those ingredients.

“We ask people to come in and we’ll do a tasting in the kitchen, then we can figure out how to use it that day — maybe in an agua fresca — or maybe we give it to our pastry chef and it becomes a pie tomorrow,” says Bacon. “Or it’s super fresh and we throw it in a salad right there. Then we work out a little barter and trade system with the forager.”

Mmmmmm… I’m gonna plant plenty of extra heirloom tomatoes and chili’s this year!

Visit them on Facebook too.

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