The iPad Cometh…

Apple’s iPad
I’ve been looking forward to a device that may capture the imagination of the public in a way that the kindle or the nook or the Sony reader hasn’t.
This may be the device.
I still think it will take a few years and at least two updates to the device (no flash? no video conferencing, no GPS?) but you gotta start somewhere.
The multi-touch technology is impressive as is the apparent speed. I can’t wait to try one to see what it can do.
Could this user in a whole culture of new hand gesture symbology? This demo made me wonder. I can only image what app developers may come up with…
and how long before flexible technology is integrated?
While I’m in no rush to lose physical books, I do look forward to when I can read books that I have no interest in owning a physical copy of… text book, topical books, etc.

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