$837,000 dollars to spray over graffiti

LA times reports on a program that aims to clean up graffiti in the LA river.

Yeah, good luck with that.

“The whitewash is part of a program the Army Corps of Engineers began in September to cover or erase graffiti along 100 miles of the county’s sprawling flood-control system, which includes the downtown area as well as the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys and the southern end of the county.

Using $837,000 in federal stimulus money, the corps awarded a one-year contract to San Fernando-based BJD Resourcing to remove the tags in rivers, channels and creeks.”

As usual, the city is attmepting to cover up one problem while ignoring the underlying issues that cause it.

The city always manages to find money to do just about anything except funding programs aimed directly helping people by providing actual resources available to those who need it most.

but programs like art education, and those directed at helping communities where poverty and and joblessness and everything that comes with it are always dubbed too expensive and are never funded properly.

What a waste.

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