In other disasters… healthcare “reform”

The healthcare bill compromised recognition.

Darcy Burner of Alternet explains:
Thanks to Joe Lieberman, the Senate health-care bill — now with no public option or Medicare buy-in — leaves progressives no choice but to kill it.

“The first rule of medicine is, “Do no harm.” The post-Joe Lieberman version of the Senate health care bill fails that basic criterion. Unless Democratic leadership steps up to fix this misguided proposal, our only recourse will be to kill it.

The fundamental failing of the newest Senate proposal is that it requires individuals to purchase health insurance, but does nothing to rein in what insurance companies charge. There is nothing to stop spiraling health costs from eating up an ever-increasing percentage of our national productivity.”

“We should fight for the House bill, which does a better job on all fronts. With some minor tweaks to ensure that women can get the reproductive care they and their doctors think they need, it’s a decent bill on the right trajectory.
But if it’s Joe Lieberman’s bill or nothing? Kill it.”

Slate ponders the consequences too.

and where is Obama in this dialogue???

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