We need a new WPA!

The original WPA seal

The media is all over the fact the GDP is out of the red, but that means nothing. The GDP goes up every time some dies too. Classical economics is voodoo at best and serves only those who are already so rich that the recession has no meaning.

Unemployment is still going up. Just this week 5 people I know were laid off. These were job positions that had been secure…. but not anymore. Millions more adding to the ranks week.

President Obama, Congress, what are you going to DO?

As much as I want to support the President, I feel he and Congress are not helping the average citizen.
He has kept too many Goldman Sachs cronies (who have made damn sure that the banks recovered and are back to making obscene profits), he has been too compromising on health care reform, he has pushed gay rights back into the closet, and he bends over backward to appease Republicans who do nothing but oppose him at every turn.
Unemployment is now the biggest threat to true economic recovery.

The banks got all the money and were supposed to in turn loan it out to businesses who were in turn supposed to hire and retain workers…  but none of it is happening… They are downsizing and lobbying against reform and acting as if the economy never was in trouble in the first place… a disaster they created.
The country is still hemorrhaging jobs… and will through much of next year if current conditions continue. Good jobs that won’t come back for a very long time, if ever.
We need new WPA or some program to turn this around. Infrastructure is degraded nationwide, there are many ways to get people to work building the country up, not creating products to be consumed for the profit of a few multinational corporate vampires, but for the public good.
Something has to be done soon or the Republicans will be back in power at mid-term and possibly in 2012. If they return to power they will do what they have always done… make the rich richer and the powerful more powerful.
I have never felt less optimistic about the future of this country than I do now… I see no future, just more corporate pillaging, and outsourcing, and profiteering. More rhetoric and empty promises, and no real action for the struggling middle class and less fortunate.
You’d think conservatives and progressives would be able to agree that the banks and corporations have betrayed the public and it is in our common interest to restrain them in order to restore a future with prosperity, but it seems everything is turned on it’s head. It appears the GOP has convinced these people to vote against their own interests, aggressively. We only hear from the conservative fringe hellbent on helping the very ones who are destroying the country, and progressives in congress have wasted their opportunity to really create change.
Time is running out.

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