Walking in L.A.: The Hollywood Farmers Market

The Hollywood Farmers market on Sunday mornings is unbeatable.
Hosts lots of organic produce, exotic fruits and vegetables, local artisans, and venders. 
 Every plant you could want
   Buddhahands…?? That’s a new on on me!
Lots of great dry beans (and wheatgrass, if you like that sort of thing)
  Lobster Mushrooms
Autumn Royal grapes
Street view
Dragon fruit
I’ve never seen so many varieties of plums. Can’t find that in a supermarket.
Savory root vegetables
Rattlesnake beans.
flavorful necterines
The last of the seasonal heirlooms! I had never heard of a “mango tomato”
All kinds of cherry tomatoes
There’s even live music. This outfit plays bluegrass. 
further up the street is a jazz ensemble, and numerous one man acts.
Interesting new mural on Ivar south of Selma.

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