Zynodoa restaurant, Staunton, Virginia

On my recent visit through Virginia I spend a couple evenings with friends in Charlottesville and Staunton. We ate dinner at the Zenodoa restuarant—which was outstanding… They support local farms and celebrate local produce. A beacon of the slow food movement.

I had the seared Polyface Farm chicken breast, Wade’s Mill grits/grilled local asapagus/roasted red pepper salad blue cheese cream.

Everyone enjoyed their meals and we all had lively conversation too.
Also had a glass of Domaine St. Dominique… I forget the specific blend.

They also served biscuits with cracked pepper and (I think) cheddar. Everything including the service was really fantastic. If you find yourself in Staunton make sure and check it out.

view of downtown Staunton

Zynodoa takes its name from an interesting local legend: (reprinted from their menu)
The Legend of Zynodoa Zynodoa, the namesake of the Shenandoah Valley and the river that flows through it comes from the legend of Zynodoa, an indian brave known for his strength, courage, and appreciation of the valley’s bounty.
Centuries ago, before colonists came to the american shores, there lived, in the primeval forest of what is now the valley of Virginia, a beautiful songbird. Its sweetest song was sung at twilight, the time when day so beautifully blends into night. The song which this bird sang was “zynodoa, zynodoa.”
One evening as a young mother was lulling to rest her son near the camp fire, a zynodoa perched nearby poured forth its evening lay. It sang as never before, its throat shook with rapturous thrills and the melody of it entered into the mother’s breast. She named her brave zynodoa.
Years passed and zynodoa the brave became a great warrior and his fame spread from one nation throughout. When he passed he was not forgotten. As a memorial to the beauty, strength, and bravery of his life, his people gave his name to the river, mountain, and valley which we now call shenandoah.”—paraphrased shenandoah university, 1944

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