Calirfornia I O U.

Robbie Conal’s vivid portrait of our Governator

California state Legislature and the Governor are still playing power games even as the state is set to go full-on belly up in a just few weeks.

Both Democrats and Republicans are responsible, but as usual the GOP is so close to their wet dream of decimating all social programs they are obstructing potential new REASONABLE taxes that could save crucial services to the poor, elderly, and children.
But Arnold himself is adamantly refusing any new taxes…

The LA time’s Michael Hiltzik explains the whole pathetic mess:
“His cut in the car tax cost the state $3.6 billion per year, making him directly responsible for pretty much all of today’s $21-billion budget deficit.
the article outlines the rest of the bleak picture as well.

Any moron could have seen this coming. but once again we, the public pay for our executives greed, lies and stupidity.

Can we please stop electing rich, self-absorbed actors, PLEASE!?

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