Walking in L.A.: Sunset Junction/Echo Park

Most people, when talking about Los Angeles, rarely think of it as a walking city. In fact it is a very friendly place to wander and there is SO much to see and discover while wandering…

Recently, Perry and I went walking around Sunset junction and Echo Park. I decided to make some casual snapshots. This is the first of what will be a series.

The new Territory BBQ and soon- record store, on Hoover

The Time Travel Mart in front of the new 826 LA in Echo Park

the sign says NO MORLOCKS!

nice to meet you!

In front of Happy Toms, Echo Park kindy creepy.

Looking East on Sunset in Echo Park

Remember public phones? Gone, gone, gone.

In front of the new Stories bookshop, Echo Park

some views inside….

… a cafe…


…and lots of new and used books.

interesting edition of Sartre’s “Age of Reason”

Another new vinyl only record shop— Origami records in Echo Park

Another view inside Origami. We also went up to Vacation (yet another new vinyl only record shop in what I like call Los Silverwood—
The intersection of the Los Feliz, Silver Lake and Hollywood neighborhoods)
co-owned by the guys of ISIS and Hydrahead Records. Like Origami, they have a blog too.

The non-discript entrance to The Echo nightclub.

further uptown in the Junction…The Secret Headquarters… comics and graphic novels.

My friend Pam browses the isles… notice the comfy places to sit…

great selection too…

My friend Nelda exploring new frontiers…

Mural at Hyperion and Sunset…

Perry ran into his old friend, Terry.

Window shopping, with a little local history.
Where else can you find a Circle Jerks T-shirt in a window display?
I just love this city…

The Casbah Cafe at Hyperion and Sunset…

The location of the former Black Cat bar… site of one of the earliest Gay bars in LA,
near Sunset Junction in Silver Lake
Space invader! Does anybody know who does these tile mosaic pieces?

Former site of the Eat Well diner in Silver Lake,
closed down a couple years ago due to a vermin infestation.
hard to believe that couldn’t be resolved or that someone else
hasn’t reopened it as something else. Prime real estate.

The Silver Lake Cheese Store and the extraordinary Cafe Stella

So much delicious cheese!

…free samples too!

Looking west on Sunset at Sunset Junction.

Intelligensia coffee and tea—
Outstandingly delicious tea (and coffee) in a relaxing atmosphere!
(The place stays super busy though)

the flower shop next door

Me, chilled after a cup of tea….*sigh*

Perry mellowed out too

amazing tile work on the floor

I love Sunset Junction!

interesting stair along the way back to the car

empty lot with mangled gate

stencil and spiral on sidewalk. One of my favorite things about walking the city
is discovering the street art… so much creativity and wit…
some of it almost hidden unless you are paying attention.

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