Mark & Perry’s Listening Salon (no. 5)

Listening Salon No. 5 invite

A couple of times a year my partner, Perry, and I host an audiophile nite. Everyone brings records (and CDs, tapes, iPods, and laptops) and we go round-robin and listen to music, chat and snack. The most recent listening party was Sunday, April 26th. We had 8 guests. 50 songs were played over 4 and a half hours.
Lots of great, fun and provocative music!

Here are some photos. The full playlist is below:

Everyone Listening

Mark with the Daydream Nation LP remaster

Another view of everyone

Mark with Patti Smith’s Land

Kurt with Betty Davis— FIERCE!

Terry and Carlos

(L to R) Matt, Kurt, Brady, Perry, Mike, Nelda

Perry with Blackhouse

Perry introducing his selection

Dave White presents MARK McCOY

Dave shows us the etching on t
he B—side

Matt with The Besnard Lakes

Mike with Red Skelton The Pledge of Allegiance & Clint Eastwood’s cover of Burning Bridges
Matt and Dave listening

Nelda with T-Bone Burnett

Dave with his Bump Your Booty cassette

Parenthetical Girls LP

Perry with Doc Wor Mirran’s Screaming for Tittes sawblade 7″

Kurt offers a tribute to the late great Lux Interior

Terry with the exotic and hypnotic AIWA


Perry with the Last track of the night, Legendary Pink Dots’ Mmmmmmmmmmm

Here is the full playlist:
1. THE FORESTER SISTERS “Show Me A Woman” (Terry)
2. NEKO CASE “Train from Kansas City” (Kurt)
3. JAN A.P. KACZMAREK “Evening – Original Soundtrack” (Carlos)
4. SONIC YOUTH “Within You, Without You” (Mark)

5. BLACKHOUSE “Totally Gone” (Perry)
6. GO HOME PRODUCTIONS Passenger Fever” (Iggy Pop/Peggy Lee Mashup) (Matt)
7. STRETCHHEADS “I Should Be So Lucky” (Dave)
8. DONNY OSMOND “Go Away Little Girl” (Mike)
9. ESTHER LAMANDIER “Amor Mi Fa Cantar” (Nelda)
10. THE PRETENDERS “What You Gonna Do About It” (Terry)
11. AMADOU & MARIAM “Sabali” (Carlos)
12. EVANGELICALS “A Mouthful of Skeletons” (Kurt)
13. PARENTHETICAL GIRLS “Windmills of Your Mind” (Mark)
14. CLAIR OBSCUR “Smurf in the Goulag” (Perry)
15. MICKEY GANG “Born in the “90s” (Naji Nahas Footloose Remix) (Matt)
16. ECSTASY, PASSION & PAIN “I Wouldn’t Give You Up” (Dave)
17. TONY CAMILLO’S BAZUKA “Dynamite—Part 1″ (Mike)
18. T-BONE BURNETT “Palestine, TX” (Nelda)
19. AIWA “Yi Yi” (Terry)
20. BJORK “Unison” (Live) (Carlos)
21. THE CRAMPS “Call of the Wighat” (Kurt)
22. FUCKED UP “No Epiphany” (Mark)
23. SPANDAU BALLET “Gold” (Sun’s Golden Remake) (Perry)
24. SELDA “Ince Ince Bir Kar Yagar” (Matt)
25. MARK McCOY “Untitled” (Excerpt) (Dave)
26. (a) RED SKELTON “The Pledge of Allegiance” (excerpt) +
(b) CLINT EASTWOOD “Burning Bridges” (Mike)

27. TODD RUNDGREN “Mercenary” (Nelda)
28. TINDERSTICKS “I’ve Seen It All” (Kurt)
29. PATTI SMITH “Spell” (Live) (Mark)
30. IAMX “Spit It Out” (Perry)
31. THE BESNARD LAKES “Cedric’s War” (Matt)
33. BEE GEES “I Started A Joke” (Mike)
34. BEL CANTO “Summer” (Nelda)
35. THE WOODENTOPS “Steady Steady” (Kurt)
36. KOSTARS “One Sunny Day” (Mark)
37. DOC WOR MIRRAN “Screaming for Titties” (Perry)
38. PAAVOHARJU “Valo Tihkuu Kaiken Läpi” (Matt)
39. LESLIE PHILLIPS “God Is Waiting For You” (Dave)
40. JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH “Bertha Butt Boogie—Part 1” (Mike)
41. BETTY DAVIS “Steppin’ In Her I. Miller Shoes” (Kurt)
42. SLEEPING DOGS WAKE “Crows” (Nelda)
43. BECK “Gamma Ray (Jay Reatard Remix) (Mark)
44. THE TIDES “11:34” (Perry)
45. DEATH “Politicians In My Eyes” (Matt)
46. AVSOLUTIZED “Towards…” (Dave)
47. BOBBY RUSSELL “Saturday Morning Confusion” (Mike)
48. SIMPLE MINDS “In Trance As Mission” (Live) (Kurt)
49. RAMESSES “The Tomb” (Mark)
50. < span style="color: rgb(192, 192, 192);">LEGENDARY PINK DOTS “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” (Perry)

A good time was had by all.

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