High Expectations

Progress takes time

The New York Times reports that despite major plans, Obama is taking softer stands.
” President Obama is well known for bold proposals that have raised expectations, but his administration has shown a tendency for compromise and caution, and even a willingness to capitulate on some early initiatives.”

Expectations are high for bold change. So far we haven’t seen much, and to the contrary plenty of compromise on issues the GOP would NEVER have negotiated on. Are our expectations of the Obama administration too high?

I would guess that yes they are. He’s only been in office for a few months… far too early to affect serious change.

There is a lot of disappointment growing on the left, and the polarization of the right is getting downright scary. It’s going to be incredibly difficult for anyone to change these trends in a short span of time.

There never was a honeymoon for Obama, and I admire him all the more for his efforts… and for now I can set aside my concerns and to see what develops… he needs our help as much as we need his.

If we want change we are going to have to get involved to help him achieve it.

Join the evolution!

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