Justice is a fiction

As long as corporations rule with impunity, and the government puts
the burden of corrupt businesses losses on the public, and
the rich and powerful are not held accountable
there is no justice.

The only question is just how much can you get away with (depending on how filthy rich you are)? The answer is TOO MUCH.

Justice is a fiction. Random at best, and certainly not blind.

Andrew Sullivan comments on the governments release yesterday of Bush Administration “torture” memos here and here.

Check out Salons round up on the issue by Glenn Greenwald, Mark Benjamin, and Alex Koppelman

Benjamin sums up the sad predictable reality:
“Without a rigorous investigation into the alleged efficacy of U.S. torture, we’ll never know. A torture commission would have looked into this very issue. With Obama’s blessing, Congress could try to appoint a nonpartisan group of experts to carefully evaluate whether the torture program was an effective way to gather valuable intelligence or, as interrogators suspect, simply made desperate prisoners say whatever they had to say to make the pain stop, yielding a few gems among a flow of muck. But Obama hasn’t advocated a commission or any other vehicle to look into that, and today seems disinclined to do anything other than move on.”

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