I’m exhausted with all the crazy rhetoric in media now… why do we hear the voices of the most divisive from the fringe? Beck and Limbaugh, O’Reilly and Coulter, etc.
9 out of 10 conservative “voices” sound to me like extremists.

Why do some many people listen to such drivel?

Laurie Ochoa Editor in chief, LA Weekly offers a few choice words on GOP spokes-hole Rush Limbaugh….

“He’s an electronic opiate for the masses. For Limbaugh’s audience is not a happy lot. They are completely convinced that an unholy coalition of liberals, homos, feminazis and overly entitled minorities are responsible for the mess of their own tiny, dead-end lives.

“…he’s a perfect mouthpiece for the most elite portions of our society. He’s a virile defender of wealth, privilege and greed.”

from an opinion piece in today’s LA Times.

I have to wonder where are the reasonable moderate conservatives and wouldn’t they like their party back? Isn’t it time for a real conversation about how to stabilize the county, rather than empty talk that further polarizes us?

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