The last nails in the coffin of Capitalism

Duncan Niederauer the CEO of NYSE Euronext, received a $4 million bonus in 2008.
This is despite the fact his company lost $738 million and its stock price fell 69%

This system is DEAD. Capitalism consumes everything to excess then despite wave after wave of collapse, rewards the LOSERS, the rapers of the public trust, the profiteers in corporations who rewrite the rules so that their crimes are ‘legal.’

Take a look at this slideshow of a few of the corporatisms shining stars at Huffinton Post.

It’s time to reinvent capitalism.
If we are going to survive, if people are to have any confidence in the system, its excesses must be rooted out.
We need a hybrid economic model.
blending successful practices while eliminating the kind of greed, and self-regulated excess the corporations have enjoyed for decades.
Revoke the Corporate ‘I,” discourage extreme wealth, reward responsibility and productivity, not profits at the expense of the public good.

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