Speaking of Accountability….


Bank Criminals continue to give corrupt executives millions in bonuses.

Despite Obama’s outrage, the assholes have the nerve to defend the practice and even make threats if forced to stop…. Read on at firedoglake.

Is there any Accountability?!

First everyone at BushCo walks away filthy rich and free and then Fuld and Thain and GM walk away with as much cas as they can lie to get and now this?!??!!!

This is the last straw for the idea of ‘justice’ in this country… unless these executives are removed from office, return the money and many others actually go to jail, then the legal system of this country is devolves into one great big fucking joke.

I’ve long believed that justice is a convenient fiction (like old, angry, white-man god), random at best, too often in favor of monied interests, but if these banksters keep this cash it is an open endorsment for criminal behavior.

I’m not optimistic.

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