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Josef Vachál

One of the most interesting artists in that Hammer exhibit gouge, was Josef Vachál.
His story is heartbreakingly sad.

After the communist revolution of 1948 in Czechoslovakia, he became a banned author for his anticommunist views; also the house and property of his girlfriend in eastern Bohemia were confiscated. During this time he earned his only money by illegal distributing, because he was not member of official communist artist guild, of his older works of art. And being that he was not a guild member, he could not be an official artist which meant that he was unemployed, criminal offence under communism. In 1960s living in destitution; being hungry most days, drinking water made of snow, and sleeping with all of his clothes because of cold, he refused to allow the communists to prepare any exhibition of his works, although they tried to get him to collaborate with them. Váchal died in 1969 and was buried in small village of Radim near Jičín, eastern Bohemia.

Josef Vachál: Portrait of the artist as a young man

Sunset Over Javor Mountain

Virgin Forest Under Lusen

Forest pool

The artist in his painted rooms

Dead Forest

Gabreta As Viewed Fom Pisek

Moorland Demon

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