Lumière, tangentially

President Woodrow Wilson with wife Edith Bolling Wilson
in the East Garden of the White House in 1916

Photo: woodrow wilson house

The Internet never ceases to amaze me….
I was reading this article in the Washington Post about vegetable gardens at the White House (historically) and was struck by a rare color photo of President Woodrow Wilson by one of the gardens…. it got me to looking for other similar images.
In no time I found lots!

by Harry T. Shriver 1910

by Jean Tournassou1915

by Mrs. G.A. Barton1919

by FernandCuville

the oldest known color photo, 1872

Autochrome, 1907, naughty even!

Interested in learning more about the method used?
it’s Lumière’s Autochrome process, read all about it at wikipedia.

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